Control your lighting, blinds, heating and sound systems from anywhere 

Adding automation to your property or development can create a user friendly, easy-to-use and spectacular looking environment. 
We use systems such as RA2 Select and Homeworks QS from Lutron, and NeoStat from Heatmiser, as well as others to give the most suitable system for any size of project. 
The options with these systems are endless but, by linking your blinds, sound system, heating and lighting all together and having simple to use, attractive, push button controls, plus pre-programmed events and occupancy sensing, the environment works effortlessly and perfectly every time. 
We can also offer automated systems for commercial and industrial premises to offer huge energy savings and precise control of lighting and heating levels. 
Please contact us for further details. 

Smart Lighting Scheduling & Control 

Set the lights to turn on or off at a specific time each day, or, sync to sunrise or sunset to control lights in your home without fail - even as the season changes. 
Control one or multiple lights at the same time by creating a 'Scene' - so you can transform a room from "Cooking" brightness to "Relax" mood in no time, then when it's bedtime, turn off all the lights of your home right from your bed. 
Or you can make it look like you're home even when you're not. 
Use our Smart Lighting solution from wherever you are to randomly turn your lights on and off throughout the evening to give the illusion that you are home - even if you're out for the night or away abroad on holiday. 

Works in homes of all ages 

We believe what's older can become wiser. That's why our Smart Home solutions work with existing home wiring. 

Anyone can use it 

You don't need an app to control your Smart Home system. That means anyone - the babysitter or your visiting relatives - can control the lights. 

No special bulbs 

Don't limit yourself to a handful of smart bulb styles. Our solution works with almost all dimmable LED bulbs. 

No Wi-Fi worries 

Our patented Smart Home technology ensures your lights work even if your Wi-Fi goes down. 

Quick & easy install 

No mess - no fuss. We will install without tearing into walls and ceilings, saving time, money and minimising disruption. 

Smart blinds 

Complement your smart lighting with smart blinds. Ensure privacy or let the sun shine effortlessly with remote controlled battery blinds. Install is easy and batteries last 3-5 years. 
If you would like to find out more about our electrician services and smart home solutions, or if you have a particular job in mind and need a quote, please get in touch. We would be pleased to help. 
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